PG College Campus, Hyderabad

Year :

Client : National Institute of Rural Development (NIRD)

About Project :

A National level competition was floated by National Institute of Rural Development for the design and construction of a campus for the Post Graduate Diploma College at Rural Technology Park, Rajendranagar. This design for the 6 acre site was selected as winning entry. An environmental approach to design was considered a pre-requisite. This by itself led to a better understanding of the site land features and supplemented design decisions. As a result, ground intervention was minimized while natural slopes were utilized for generating spaces that became part of the site instead of an imposition on it. Focus was given on the population that is expected to bring the campus to life. Community living setup for hostels with integrated interaction spaces and landscape, the formulation of academic spaces as a transition between residential spaces and syndicate spaces , and the eventual arrangement of syndicate spaces; part enclosed and yet open to outside; are all indicators of the same idea: that learning is a perennial process. And that there is no better teacher than an environment. This design aimed to provide such an environment which educates by being, rather than teaching.

Team :GSVSN Murthy, Abdul Bari, P Swapna, Bh Kiran, P Kiran