Travancore Palace, New Delhi

Year :

Client : Kerala Public Works Department

About Project :

Through the years after independence the Travancore Palace was put to different uses, including being the Cultural Department of the Embassy of USSR in 1958. Currently it houses various offices of the Kerala Government. The adaptive re-use plan intends to restore the structure physically and spatially to facilitate setting up of an art gallery/museum with related infrastructure. Further urban design proposal includes development of the entire 8 acre site. The aim is to develop the site, such as to create an environment befitting a historical structure and a public building. As is the case with most of the historic buildings and sites, the generating principle of the design has always been geometry and symmetry, in the process creating a bold man made statement in an otherwise natural organic environment. The proposed design is an extension of the same principles, though with a tendency to be dominated by the green cover existing on the site, such that it does not over shadow the historical structure but merely find its existence and sustenance in its shadows.

Team :GSVSN Murthy, Abdul Bari, Shikha Narayanan, Bh.Kiran, Shiv Shankar