Cochin House, New Delhi

Year :

Client : Kerala Public Works Department and Prof. Ramaswamy N

About Project :

Located at 3, Jantar Mantar Road, in the Kerala House Complex, the old palace of the erstwhile Raja of Cochin; now referred to as Cochin House accommodates the offices of the Resident Commissioner, the Additional Resident Commissioner, controller and other offices Kerala State Government offices in Delhi act as a channel of communication between the state and the centre. These offices liaise with various Ministries, Embassies, UN Organizations etc., co-ordinates foreign visits of VIPís, assist MPís from Kerala in their parliamentary works, organize media coverage for state Government programmes, follow up the cases in supreme court and expose the potential of our state in various National and International events. The building structure is in a poor state of function as regards the above important tasks it accomplishes. Furthermore, it also has the distinction of being the residence of the father of the renowned Indian writer Khushwanth Singh during the 1920ís - named Vykunt then, before being sold by his father to the Raja of Cochin. The renovation plan intends to restore the building physically and spatially to facilitate functional up gradation and ensure ease of maintenance.

Team :GSVSN Murthy, Abdul Bari, Bh.Kiran, Shiv Shankar