Madina Pathergatti Street, Hyderabad

Year :

Client : Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation

About Project :

There is no question about the fact that Hyderabad has a quality urban space in the Madina- Charminar stretch. One can see and experience a sea of activities in a single walk, which are sure to bring out the essence of the city. The Pedestrianisaton plan primarily aimed at enhancing this very aspect of the street i.e. activity. How it proposes to achieve this aim is by utilization of the available space to its full potential. And what it hopes to achieve through this is a quality urban environment which is accessible, safe, secure and aesthetic. One that is currently unrecognized, but definitely not unappreciated. The Streetscaping plan was pushed as part of the ongoing conservation proposals for individual heritage buildings on the street to make a complete Urban Design Plan. The street itself was a part of the original CPP proposal by Vaastu Shilpa Consultants (Ahmedabad) in 1999. It was carried forward in coordination with stakeholders and local populace by Kshetra Consultants (Hyderabad) in 2007. The eventual plan began seeing physical implementation on site in December 2010. Conservation of Pathergatti Stone Arcade & the Four Kamans along with the Streetscape form the major components of the ongoing works. See project picture at:

Team :GSVSN Murthy, Abdul Bari, Balasubramanyam.A, Jagdish Kumar.E, Ravi Kiran, Shaik Abdul Jabbar, Ramakanth, Shikha Narayan, A.Vijay Pavan, Sneha Parthasarathy, Niraja Adloori, Mahesh, Ramya, Students of